Today, the Julphar head office in Ras Al Khaimah employs more than 200 locals working in both administrative and technical fields, some holding key leadership positions within the company. But Julphar is constantly striving to support and raise the Emiratisation rate. Since the signing of the Absher Initiative Agreement with the Ministry of Presidential Affairs in May 2013, we have committed to appoint 300 nationals by 2018 and have established a strategic plan to achieve that goal.


Julphar gives priority to national graduates in pharmacy, medical physics, biotechnology, chemistry, science, electronic engineering, information systems and marketing. We also appoint high school degree holders and train them in our factories while they complete their university education.


Julphar provides scholarships – under certain conditions – to its national employees and to outstanding high school graduates, to help them coordinate work and studies. 

Training and development

Through its own training centre facilitiy, Julphar is dedicated to help Emirati workforce to take up advanced positions with development of skills and abilities. In 2012, we launched the Sheikh Faisal Program for Leadership Development, a program specifically designed for our local staff to grow Emirati leaders and to encourage them to be active in sharing the decision making, whilst driving their career advancement. 

Summer training

Julphar launches initiatives to attract high school and university students interested in developing skills and gaining experience during summer. 

Open days and career fairs

Julphar organises open days to inform applicants of the available vacancies, of the required specialties we are looking for and of the training opportunities and development programs. We participate in national career fairs as part of the Emiratisation plan to attract highly qualified national force.