What We Believe

We have been tremendously successful over the years and we intend to keep it this way. We believe the corporate results are made by our employees. Following this, we focus – and always will – on developing the capability and competence of our staff. A key driver of efficiency in our organisation is leadership. Our leadership development plays a significant role in our strategies, together with the development of our core competencies across all our functions and regions.

Working With Julphar

Working for Julphar offers a unique opportunity for personal development, growth and career progression. We are a rapidly growing company with high ambitions, and with ambitions come individual opportunities. We believe in, and encourage internal transfers and promotions as part of our employees' development. Our ambition is to expand within the existing markets, as well as into new products and new therapeutical areas. Our focus is – and must be, to develop the capability of our present employees.

What We Offer

A major factor of our success to date, and for the years to come, is to cultivate talent from inside our organisation, and to recruit new ones to have the right people do the right job. Therefore we have established a standardised corporate process to identify and recruit the most suited people for the company’s current and future needs in a fair, objective and non-discriminative manner.

As an employee we are offering you:

  • A challenging workplace to develop yourself;
  • A diverse and multicultural environment;
  • Career growth and opportunities;
  • Fair pay based on performance;
  • Professional and highly skilled colleagues;
  • A fun place to work in.