Core Values

Our values – respect, integrity, teamwork, learning & development, customer focus and caring – are the foundation of our corporate culture. They define who we are and what we stand for and determine our people’s actions and decisions.

We work with respect for the individuals and embrace our communities’ cultural differences.

We are a responsible corporation and we trust our employees to act responsibly, with inspiring honesty and to stand for what is right by walking the talk and conducting business in a good and objective way.

We are part of one company and we act as one team to achieve one core purpose.

Learning & Development
We strive for the best in everything we do by being willing to learn and to be taught how to learn.

Customer Focus
We believe customer satisfaction is the keystone of our organisation and we are committed to put our clients’ needs at the centre of our business decisions.

We care for the people and we want to play a leading role in the improvement of healthcare quality, for the benefit of those we serve.