Gastro Care and Pain Management

Gastro Care and Pain Management

Gastro Care provides medicines in various dosage forms to patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders – such as diarrhea, constipation and irritable bowel disorders.

The strategic focus of Gastro Care is to treat acid related disorders as one of the most common troubles disturbing the patients' quality of life.

Gastro Care is committed to provide a wide range of medicines for the treatment of hyperacidity – such as antacids, H2-antagonists and Proton Pump inhibitors (PPIs) – in various dosage forms to suit a wide variety of patients.

Pain Management offers relief for patiens suffering from accute and/or chronic painful inflammatory conditions by providing a range of products that suit their needs.


  • Risek (Omeprazole)
  • Pantonix/Pantera (Pantoprazole)
  • Gordex (Esomeprazole)
  • Lanfast (Lansoprazole)
  • Rantag (Ranitidine HCl)
  • Scopinal (Hyoscine-N-Butylbromide)

Pain Managment Products

  • Turox (Etoricoxib)