The state-of-the-art pharmaceutical manufacturing facility Julphar Saudi Arabia officially opened. Julphar Saudi Arabia is the result of the collaboration between Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries and its local partner, Cigalah Group, a leading healthcare distributor in the Saudi market.
Julphar acquires a majority stake in Bangladesh-based RAK Pharmaceuticals (now Julphar Bangladesh) for a consideration of USD9.5 million, and marks its entry into the Bangladeshi market
In conjunction with its local Ethiopian partner Medtech, Julphar officially inaugurates its first manufacturing facility in Addis Ababa
Julphar launches Julphar Diabetes and becomes one of the largest producers of insulin in the world, and the only company in Middle East and North Africa to locally produce the raw material needed to make insulin through its investment in a new insulin production facility
Julphar diversifies from the conventional medicine production, entering the biosimilars production (raw material production)
Julphar signs an agreement with the Saudi-based Cigalah Group to build an independent manufacturing facility in the western region of KSA – a project worth USD40 million 2011 Julphar wins the prestigious Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Business Award and the Arab Achievement Award
Julphar launches Menacool, its transportation division that maintains a fleet of vehicles for efficient distribution of products
Julphar launches three plants: Julphar VIII (handling the sterile dry powder injection products); Julphar IX (handling the dry powder injection vials for cephalosporin products); Julphar X (dedicated to semi-solids, which produces tube of creams, ointments and suppositories)
Julphar launches Julphar VII, which produces erythropoietin, interferon, G.C.S.F. and interleukin
Julphar launches two plants: Julphar V (packaging plant); Julphar VI (the first-of-its-kind plant in the region for the manufacturing of liquid and semi -solid pharmaceutical dosage forms)
Julphar launches three plants: Julphar II (dedicated to the filling of ampoules and vials); Julphar III (dedicated to the manufacturing of oral penicillin products); Julphar IV (dedicated to all forms of oral cephalosporin products, such as the powder for suspension, capsules and tablets)
Julphar starts manufacturing liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical dosage forms
The Sterile Liquid and Lyophilized Vials Plant is constructed to produce sterile injections
Julphar establishes Distribution Agents in the USA, Germany, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Yemen, Sudan and Pakistan
Julphar completes construction, trial batches, and obtains the Ministry of Health approval for 30 products
The facility starts producing non-sterile solid dosage medicines ready for commercialization
The company starts building relationships with different countries to establish Distribution Agencies for its products
Julphar is established and registered as a national Arab Emirates public shareholding company (Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries)