Julphar Training Center


Julphar Training Center, JTC 

                      Strive for Excellence


To enable & empower Julphar staff with all needed tools that support A.S.K; Attitude, Skills & Knowledge To achieve more &  far beyond set targets! 


To provide an updated applied learning products of highest training quality at the proper time for all Julphar divisions & employees. 

Values & Shared Beliefs: 

Mutual Respect & care for people

Integrity & team work


Know-How & Confidence 


Networking & Sharing experience


Team Spirit 

Continuous development, updating & performance improvement


Julphar Training Center (JTC.) Believes In;

Investing in people, that shows Julphar commitment to employees, which in turn fosters commitment in them. 


An ongoing training can set you ahead of the pack.  


Trained employees need less supervision, that frees you up to focus on building business, growing customer base and improving sales. 


Training improves the company ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace. 


Training also ensures that we have quality people on hand when expand or needed. 


Training builds a motivated, committed and loyal team. 


Ongoing training helps you fill voids with good people.


Trainings Types

Employee Orientation: 

The first days of work are crucial to a new employee’s success. 

Teaching our goals, and how they can be a part of achieving them. 

Involving key leaders & executives to review what’s required of them in the job  description. 


In-House Training:

Training is not just for new employees. JTC continues to upgrade the skills & update the knowledge of current employees, which will help them adjust to changes in their job requirements. 

JTC always ready & able through our available specialized personnel and 

competent training team to hold both hard skills (technical and safety) besides soft skills (communication & management, customer satisfaction & servicing, sales & marketing) trainings. 

Doing this while employees are on the job reinforces learning, and effective implementation.


Julphar Mentoring & Coaching;

High-rated successful employees are invited & involved in teaching skills to their colleagues (peers-learning and exchange of experience).


External Training;

JTC offers out-of-house training, by sending employees to seminars, conferences, college courses or workshops. 

Such training opportunities can be seen as reward, big motive and inspiring tool for superb employees. 


Local Staff Career Development 

Julphar training center also facilitate local career development, through the Absher initiative and Sheikh Faisal Leadership programme. Emirati’s can develop their skills, enabling them to be proficient in the workplace and successfully contribute to the UAE workforce.


Academic Students Training 

We are recognized in JTC for our leading pharmaceutical technology and state-of-the-art facilities in the Middle East & the entire region. But it is our ability to blend Hi-tech-advanced medicament production-know how with continuous profession development service providing such as academic pharmaceutical students and health-care providers’ consultancy, learning programs & trainings, that truly reflects JTC sincere commitment towards our community & region advancement through the role of Julphar Training Center (JTC) in developing the next generation of healthcare leaders, fulfilling the required needs to meet the coming challenges and brighter future demands .

We offer various on-site trainings & orientation that covers pharmaceutical manufacturing of various dosage forms, quality assurance, quality control, materials planning, biotechnology, packaging, marketing etc. Hence the goal of imparting early training is to expose students to industrial pharmacy practice through working in a pharmaceutical industry practice site. 

The expected outcome is students are better prepared to make a more informed career decision & to start their career life professionally in a well-Organized manner 

An intellectually and professionally challenging experience awaits those who actively participate in the training! Such training experience provides the student with intensive involvement in ongoing professional pharmaceutical services; interaction with other employees and opportunities to measure one's true capacity for professional achievement in a variety of industrial pharmaceutical fields as well as opportunities to pursue special interests, a truly interesting, exciting and challenging adventure. 

The training itself is a learning experience; thus, in order to be certified, students must successfully complete their orientation in each department, fulfil their assignment and clear the GMP assessment.


Head of Department

Dr. Rubina Rafiq Ejaz

Position: Sr. Manager Training & Development

Email: rubina.rafiq@julphar.net

Office No.: +971 7 204 5290