Julphar’s Position

Julphar is responsible for reporting suspected adverse reactions to the authorities of each country for medical products received from Health Care Professionals (HCP) (includes but not limited to medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, allied health professionals, midwives, caregivers etc.)

All the queries and product related complaints are addressed on priority basis. All employees of Julphar participating in the pharmacovigilance activities are trained, know their responsibility and are able to execute their duties.

Julphar receives information on possible side effects of medicines from several sources including:

  • Unsolicited reports from HCPs and patients;
  • Clinical trials and clinical trial investigators;
  • Regulatory authorities;
  • Medical and scientific literature;
  • Newspapers and other media.

As per Julphar policy, all employees are required to immediately report any issues relating to the safety or quality of our medicines.