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JXI - Julphar Insulin Plant

JXI - Julphar Insulin Plant

Annual capacities: 1500 kg recombinant human insulin and insulin analogues crystals (rDNA), 40 million vials of insulin 

The Julphar Insulin plant is one of the most modern biopharmaceutical manufacturing plants designed for producing recombinant human insulin and insulin analogues crystals (rDNA). The insulin manufacturing facility is being built in accordance with the latest EMA and FDA regulations, utilising the best available technologies in the market to comply with the latest international quality standards. The plant is among the largest producers of insulin in the world and the only one of its kind in the MENA region. It produces insulin all the way from insulin crystals until the final product is packaged. The 20,000 square meters extensive facility has the capability to produce 40 million vials of insulin per year. The insulin plant is expected to widen its product offerings and strengthen its market presence in diabetic care. This enables the plant to meet the demands of an increasing rate of diabetes in Middle East, Africa and Asia.