HH Sheikh Faisal honors martyrs' families working at Julphar


His Highness Sheikh Faisal Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Chairman of Julphar Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, welcomed in his palace of Ras Al Khaimah the Julphar employees whose husbands, brothers and sons lost their lives in the line of duty in Yemen. He stresses that love and solidarity are the dominant values of the Emirati society and the sacrifices have been made in order to bring justice and legality to the Yemeni community. “Those sacrifices will not be lost in vain”, certified HH Sheikh Faisal. “They will forever be valued by our leaders and our people, and are admirably and bravely displayed by the martyrs’ wives, children and families who portrayed the virtue of patience throughout this tragedy.”

HH Sheikh Faisal commented: “Julphar’s initiative is a way to honor our employees and their lost relatives, even though it doesn’t compare to the sacrifices made by the martyrs to defend the sovereignty of the nation.  It expresses our gratitude and appreciation to our military forces, and it highlights the positive impact our army has on the stability of the Gulf Region and the Arabian Peninsula.”

“We admire the efforts and initiatives put by the country to salute the martyrdom of the soldiers”, added HH Sheikh Faisal. “The President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan announced that an annual Martyrs’ Day will be observed on November 30th to forever honor the memory of our sacrificed heroes.”

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