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Research and development (R&D) is a core part of our strategy at Julphar and it is an area in which we are investing heavily. We are proactive in our approach to finding new solutions to problems both old and new. 
Our R&D activities are led by a team of multi-disciplinary teams of scientists and experts all working and aligned to Julphar’s vision. Our dedicated team of scientists, production engineers and pharmacists are continually finding solutions to meet current and future consumer needs and ensure the delivery of high quality products. 
Our R&D department is responsible for the technical and scientific development and management of all product related activities. The Julphar Research Center develops all types of dosage forms. The main focus is to develop bio-equivalent generic drug products, first-to-file products in the region which are still under patent protection, novel drug delivery systems and dosage forms and regulatory submissions in CTD format.
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