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We undertake corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives not only because we feel deeply it is the right thing to do, but because these efforts help to strengthen our relationships and contribute to our sustainability as a company. Our activities are focused on adding value to our people, our communities and our industry.

Internally, we invest in our employees and engage with them in ways that are meaningful. Initiatives such as the Julphar Excellence Team (JET) program, which recognizes exceptional employees, our monthly Happiness Hour events and our Ramadan and National day activities have been successful in bringing employees together from all across the business.

Externally, we forge partnerships with leading organizations such as Emirates Foundation (EF) as well as various universities and colleges in the UAE. Through our partnership with EF we help the organization achieve its vision of empowering young people in the UAE and ensuring a sustainable future for the nation.

Making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the future of the UAE is at the very heart of Julphar’s long term growth plans. Emiratization is essential for us, which is why we became a participant of the Absher Initiative, which provides a better quality of life to UAE Nationals and their families and encourage them to enter the private sector. Since the signing of the agreement, we have committed to recruiting 300 nationals and have established a strategic plan to achieve that goal.

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