Julphar continues to offer CME program to educate pharmacists

Julphar has conducted 4 rounds of JUMP – the Julphar Updates on Modern Pharmacy accredited free Continuing Medical Education (CME) program designed for pharmacists in the UAE. The meetings, which took place in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah, covered the Erectile Dysfunction (ED) topic.
Those editions of JUMP were attended by over 150 practicing pharmacists in each location, and was an opportunity for invited speakers Dr Sanah Hasan, lecturer at the University of Ajman, Dr Abduelmula Abduelkarem, Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice at the University of Sharjah, and Dr Hedayat EL-Sheikh, Medical Manager at Julphar, to educate pharmacists about the role of pharmacists in managing patients suffering from ED.
“The overall mission of this edition of JUMP was to raise awareness about the prevalence of male adults afflicted with ED and improve their condition,” said Dr Hosam Badr, Marketing Director at Julphar. “52% of the global male population is suffering from ED and Julphar is delivering its CME program to better equip pharmacists to identify ED symptoms and offer the best solutions for the patients.”