Julphar launches MEBO Dressing in Lebanon

Julphar’s Wound Care and Biotechnology unit launched MEBO Dressing in Lebanon from 28th February- 3rd March, 2017 as part of its commitment to provide healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients with a complete and high quality range of products dedicated to wound and scar management and to share the latest existing techniques in wound management. 
“Julphar mission is to improve patient’s quality of life in the Middle East and North Africa, and MEBO portfolio dedicated to wound and scar management helps us achieve this mission”, said Dr Hosam Badr, Marketing Director at Julphar. “As Lebanon is one of the most strategic markets for Julphar, we have decided to introduce MEBO Dressing in the market to complete MEBO portfolio and to provide Lebanese physicians with a high quality range to improve their patient’s quality of life.”
MEBO ointment and MEBO Dressing are recommended for the healing of chronic and acute wounds.