Julphar participates in the Arab Paediatric Medical Congress

Julphar’s Pediatric Primary Care line participated in the 4th edition of the Annual Arab Paediatric Medical Congress, which attracted over 600 pediatricians from different countries across the Arab world. The Congress was held from March 2nd to 4th in Conrad Hotel, Dubai.
During the Congress, renowned speakers and leading global experts covered latest practical knowledge in pediatrics, neonatology, nutrition and rare diseases during informative and interactive sessions with participants.
Julphar’s participation in the congress was an opportunity to raise awareness on the key issues affecting the sustainable development of paediatrics, nutrition and neonatal practice in the region, and inspire people to enhance their vision to achieve high quality care for children and neonates.
Julphar’s objective is to provide a complete solution for pediatricians through offering a full range of pediatric-specialized products to fulfill the most prescribing segments of pediatricians in the major therapeutic areas such as infections, vitamin deficiency, fever and pain, asthma and allergy, gastro intestinal and cough and cold.