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Julphar offers Academic training for Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) Students

Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries – Julphar Training Center, JTC has a firm belief to serve the needs of the community and help the students to achieve the highest degree of expertise and efficiency in their noble professions and to prepare them for the new and challenging practical future roles in life.
Julphar Training Center (JTC) have close ties with various Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), throughout the UAE for conducting effective work experience and training for the graduates every year.
In 2017, around 200 students (from various institutions including HCT) are trained in Julphar. Their training is well planned and organized, during this period they are continuously evaluated by Dr. Rubina Rafiq Ejaz (Sr. Manager Training & development) and our colleagues from various departments to meet the learning objectives, the feedback is then shared with the academic supervisors.
Mr. Jerome Carle - General Manager & Chief Finance Officer - commented “Work experience and training help students to develop their personal work ethic and to make informed career choices. We also believe that with Julphar training program, the students will be better prepared to become significant contributors in building the UAE and international work places.”
Ms. Fatema Nayea (Executive Director) commented, “The students need to take the knowledge they have gained from Julphar work placement and training, back to the classroom to enhance and motivate further learning and to think about directions and opportunities in their future careers.”
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